I became a journalist because I love the idea of being present when history is made. What I didn’t expect from it was the strong impact it would have on my own life. After having interviewed thousands of people and met a lot more, each of their stories became part of my own history. It’s a special connection that I as a reporter have been privileged to share with others.

Having traveled around the world has also introduced me to great people and exposed me to the amazing cultures that make people even more interesting and fascinating. It’s a combination of all these experiences that give me ideas to write my books. My goal is tell more than a story, it’s to have an impact on people’s lives just like others have impacted me.

On this website, under the Explore Michigan tab, you will also find information on all types of events and activities taking place in Michigan with a focus on Metro Detroit.  Need a fun idea to do with friends or for a date night?  You will find it here.  Everything from restaurants to entertainment shows or cool bars.  Now if you’re looking family friendly activities, you can also get information on that here.

I hope you also check out my blog for fun international cooking recipes. Trying new foods is one of my favorite things to do when visiting a new place.

Jorge Avellan

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